Encouraging a culture of health, balance and wellness for the BMC community

Who We Are

The Self-Care Committee was formed in 2013 by a variety of on-campus resources with the mission to spread awareness of self-care. Self-care is a means by which one can define a personal balance with respect to the seven committee-selected areas of self-care, which are also referred to by the acronym EPSIOSE.

The Self-Care at BMC Committee is comprised of a variety of resources. Its aim is to provide representation from all of the areas of self-care to work with Bryn Mawr faculty, staff and students.

The Committee is always looking for more assistance, so if you are interested in being a part of Self-Care at BMC, please email Fiona Redmond, the Self-Care at BMC intern, at or email us at to find out more.

ViAnna Bernard, Assistant Director of Residential Life |

Palak Bhandari, Digital Curriculum Assistant |

Amanda Brown, Administrative Assistant |

Vanessa Christman, Assistant Dean and Director of Leadership and Community Development, The Pensby Center |

Rachel Heiser, Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist, Dean’s Office |

Mary Beth Horvath, Director of Student Activities |

Reggie Jones, Director of Counseling Services |

Laura Kemper, Lecturer & Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics and Physical Education |

Tonja Nixon, Coordinator of Wellness |

Bridget Nolan, Faculty Member in Sociology Department |

Fiona Redmond,  Self-Care at BMC Intern |

Jennifer Walters, Dean of the Undergraduate College |

Vippy Yee, Assistant Director for Volunteer Programs at Civic Engagement Office, LILAC |

Natalie Zaparzynski, Dietitian, Dining Services |

Former Members

Syona Arora ‘15, Former Self-Government Association President

Chuck Heyduk, Associate Dean, Dean’s Office

Sarah Ferrieri ‘15, Self-Care at BMC Logo Designer

Natalie Kato ‘14, Former Self-Government Association President

Kristin Midkiff, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Lauren Ward, Program Coordinator, Dean’s Office

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